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My life pretty much revolves around working and fangirling over everything that Ross Lynch/R5 and Laura Marano do and/or say. Is it unhealthy? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. Come follow me. We'll sing, dance, and break shit. :D
I bought a ticket for the Rosemont, IL show today. I'm happy, but my bank account definitely isn't. :/
r5 shows attended
April 2013 - Cincinnati, OH; December 2013 - Hershey, PA; May 2014 - Columbus, OH; September 2014 - Rosemont, IL; September 2014 - Youngstown, OH

Anyone else notice how Austin kept glancing at Ally as he denied to Trish that he wrote the song about anyone special? Twice (first in the food court, then in the real court)?

I see you Austin Moon. I see you.

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