LOL omg watch that actually happen, I’m scared haha the truth is, we’ll probably still be here blogging about them when we’re 90

First of all, there’s no way I’m living past 60. I treat my body like shit. But, if by some miracle I do make it to 90, please tell me to deactivate. :)

I'm so confused about this rocky Alexa moon thing?? What did he do? Thanks in advance.


Well, it’s really all speculation, but she posted a pic on Instagram/Twitter of these lunar deeds and said she owns an acre on the moon and it’s the coolest gift she’s ever gotten, with the quote “to the moon and back <3”.

Rocky’s Twitter location is “The Moon”, 

It’s one of those putting two and two together situations. :)

yes! totally blaming them for being amazing people. I’m afraid there’s no way out man

Maybe fame will turn them into entitled assholes or they’ll make a racial slur or something. That would make it easier to hate them.

Or maybe I’ll just get a life. LOL

IT WOULD MAKE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER if only it was that easy!!

I know! Damn them for being so lovable! :(

It’s heartbreaking because you want to see them succeed & see the fanbase grow. But at the same time you don’t want them to because they wont be our little secret as silly as it sounds, and with them getting bigger it’ll be more difficult to see them

Exactly. These are my concerns too.

And the truly fucked up part is that I am freaking 31 years old. WHY DO THEY HAVE THIS EFFECT ON ME?! I truly hope I wake up one day and just don’t care about them anymore. My life would be so much easier.

LOL. I still watch Idol. This season sux big time so I stopped a few weeks ago… Until tomorrow😉

No you don’t, do you?! I don’t know why I find that so hilarious! LOL

I don't think they're performing on idol, I think they'll just be audience members?


That’s what it sounds like to me too. But why? Like, if they’re not going to perform, what the hell is the point? Do people even still watch Idol? I haven’t watched since the season Jordin Sparks won. LOL

Why couldn’t Carson Daly invite them to come to The Voice instead? Idol sucks ass.

So, they’re not performing—they’ll just be in the audience? I’m very confused about this series of events…

Now I’m going to have to watch American Idol. I promised myself I’d never do that again. Fuck.