I follow you because you're sweet to your followers, have a fantabulous blog, and I wish we were friends irl!


Yay!! Thank you petal!! xoxo

i follow you because you're so kind and lovely and honestly so rad please never stop being so awesome


I love you so much, whoever you are. :)

Thank you!!!

tell me why u follow me on anon

rosslynchz laurmaries supross goosepancake 2old2befangirling



rosslynchz: she’s my ex wife bc she’s a cheater smh but her blog is amazeballs and her edits and gifs are just perfect

laurmaries: sofi is my partner in thirst and she loves my nasty side and we can be nasty together and i just love her so much plus have u seen her edits and her gifs likE DUDE

supross: meh laura is really nasty but she’s kinda cool i guess ??? no ok she’s awesome and we basically thirst after the same dicks so yeah plus her gifs and her edits make me yodel in portuguese 

goosepancake: rj is soooooo cool and her blog is sooooooooo coooooool and she’s just hella cool and nice and hilarious and her ps skills could slay an entire nation 10/10 would recommend 

2old2befangirling: randi is amazing and super nice and one of the very first blogs i started following and her gifs are A++++ 


R5 - Heart Made Up On You (Official Lyric Video)

I will miss your url. :(


This is so nice! And I feel like this is what happened the last time I considered changing my URL. So many people came to me and told me not to that I didn’t. Lol!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll bend to the peer pressure again. ;)