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My life pretty much revolves around working and fangirling over everything that Ross Lynch/R5 and Laura Marano do and/or say. Is it unhealthy? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. Come follow me. We'll sing, dance, and break shit. :D
R5 show #1 today! Let's werk Chicago! xD
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April 2013 - Cincinnati, OH; December 2013 - Hershey, PA; May 2014 - Columbus, OH; September 2014 - Rosemont, IL; September 2014 - Youngstown, OH

ross lynch / r5 // milwaukee, WI // september 20, 2014 [+]



my friends’ page is linked but i only have 12 people there and i know there’s more so don’t feel bad or anything because there’s a shitload of videos i haven’t downloaded yet to make gifs lol

OMFG Elly! I made it! And the gif and description are PERF. Thank you love. You have no idea how much I needed the boost today. 😘😘😘



Just a couple pics from the best night of my life 😍👏😭

In the last picture, Rocky is blessed by the angels light…


So I had a conversation with Riker yesterday and he recognized me in the crowd during the show and apparently my shirt was the highlight of the tour and I’m

Why does cool shit always happen when I’m not there? Damnit!! Some of your good luck better rub off on me on Thursday.


Meet and Greet in Milwaukee :D Bond Girls and a normal one with Krista! xlongbrownhairx We look so hot ;) (Riker was super excited about the Bond girls one hehe)



Exciting Show #R5Family #R5LIVE